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60 Blood Elf Holy Paladin | 16k+ Achievs | Big Battle Bear | CM Gold WOD | Mage Tower Xmog

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Level 60 Blood Elf Holy Paladin

Achievement Points: 16,035
iLvl: 162
Covenant: Renown 19 Venthyr
Mounts: 120
Rare Mounts: Big Battle Bear, Hellfire Infernal, Ironhoof Destroyer, Experiment 12-B, Blazing Drake, Challenger's War Yeti, Clutch of Ji-Kun, Grand Black War Mammoth, Arcadian War Turtle, Invincible, Fiery Warhorse, Primal Flamesaber, Onyxian Drake, Pureblood Fire Hawk, Ashes of Al'ar, Flametalon of Alysrazor, Raven Lord, Grove Warden, Blue Drake, Violet Spellwing, Enscrolled Everwyrm, Prestigious War Wolf, Bristling Hellboar, Cloudwing Hippogryph, Wild Dreamrunner, Grinning Reaver, High Priest's Lightsworn Seeker
Rare Titles: Highlord, of the Jungle, Predator, Masked Chuckler, Farmer, the Lightbringer, Loremaster, Talon Queen, Timber Lord, of Sen'jin, of Thunder Bluff, Captain, of the Frostwolves, of Silvermoon, of the Undercity
Rare Transmog: All WOD Challenge Mode Weapons
TCG Tabard of Flame, Fury, and Defender
Paladin Mage Tower Transmog
DK Mage Tower Transmog
DH Mage Tower Transmog
Warrior Mage Tower Transmog
Monk Mage Tower Transmog
Warlock Mage Tower Transmog
Scythe of the Unmaker Unlocked
Gold: 5k
Cutting Edge: Gul'dan
Cutting Edge: Kil'jaeden
Cutting Edge: Argus the Unmaker
Cutting Edge: Xavius
Challenge Warlord: Gold

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