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Roster Level 50 | Level 52 Sorcress | 1342 Gearscore | +10 Twisted Dimensional Long Staff

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Roster Level: 50

Level 52 Sorcress
Server: Mari (NA West)
Achievements Completed:
Gearscore: 1342
Sunset Shoulderpiece
Sunset Chestpiece
+10 Twisted Dimensional Long Staff
15K Attack Power
69K Max HP
792 Crit
637 Specialization
Cards: Trixion 4 Set, Light of Salvation 2 Set
Stronghold Level: 15
PvP: Grade 20
Mounts: Terpeion, Berry Chamkuri, Wind Mane Mustang
Pets: White Bunny, Arong
Skill Points: 282
Gold: 5200
Silver: 126k
Foraging Level: 3
Logging Level: 5
Mining Level: 4
Hunting Level: 2
Fishing Level: 3
Excavating Level: 30

Level 50 Berserker
Gearscore: 423

Level 50 Gunslinger
Gearscore: 302

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