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Total Skill 1735 | Combat 116 | 203 QP | Fire Cape | 99 STR | 99 MAGE | 92 RANGE | 88 ATK

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Total Skill Level: 1735
Quest Points: 203
Quests Completed: 99
Gender: Male
Combat Level: 116
Attack Level: 88
Strength Level: 99
Hitpoints Level: 97
Defense Level: 86
Ranged Level: 92
Prayer Level: 77
Magic Level: 99
Runecraft Level: 60
Construction Level: 54
Agility Level: 70
Herblore Level: 63
Thieving Level: 55
Crafting Level: 69
Fletching Level: 99
Slayer Level: 72
Hunter Level: 49
Mining Level: 6X
Smithing Level: 7X
Fishing Level: 73
Cooking Level: 70
Firemaking Level: 85
Woodcutting Level: 80
Farming Level: 60
Rare Items: Abyssal Tentacle, Dragon Defender, Seers Ring, Crystal Shield, Fighter Torso, Graceful Equipment, Helm of Neitiznot, Slayer Helmet, Barrows Gloves, Warrior Ring, Zamorak Staff, Guthix Staff, Zamorak Staff, Dwarven Helmet
Capes: Legends, Graceful, Fire, Skill Capes, Zamorak
Cloaks: Ardougne, Clue Hunter
Bank Value: 14 Million
Achievement Diary: HARD (Kandarin, Morytania), MEDIUM (Falador), EASY (Ardougne)

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